Gomes' unassisted DP saves Red Sox

Gomes' unassisted DP saves Red Sox
August 1, 2013, 1:15 am
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BOSTON -- It's not necessarily how you draw up the double play. But Jonny Gomes and the rest of the Red Sox will take it.

In the top of the 15th inning on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, Gomes saved the day on a Michael Saunders' liner to left field that was tailing away and quickly sinking.

Runners were on first and second with one out, so as Saunders' hit the other way looked as if it was going to drop in. That, combined with the fact that score was tied at 4 in the 15th inning, made Raul Ibanez decide to get aggressive from second base.

But Gomes made the diving catch for the second out of the inning, and finished it off by running all the way into second base for the unassisted double play from left field.

"It was a unique one, like I said, so, thankfully he made the play," said Red Sox manager John Farrell after Boston's walk-off 5-4 win in 15 innings.

Gomes said he had never seen it done before, so that's why he rushed in to double off Ibanez at second base on his own.

"What we do in the outfield, it's like a do-or-die situation," said Gomes. "I was pretty sure the ball was going to come my way with [Saunders]. When it got to two strikes, I thought he was going to kind of just bloop one in. And it ended up a fastball, and it stayed up long enough. Like I said, do-or-die. To be able to play left [field] here, you definitely have to do extreme things, extreme angles.

"To tell you the truth, myself, kind of being a fan of the game and the history of the game, a numbers guy, it definitely was on purpose. I've been waiting years to do that.

"I've never had one and have never seen one," said Gomes, "so that's why I'm glad I got it on my resume."