Girardi takes frustration out on TV camera

Girardi takes frustration out on TV camera
April 24, 2014, 1:00 am
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BOSTON -- Wednesday night's Yankees-Red Sox game had a bit of a Man vs. Machine moment with two outs in the bottom of the second inning.

Soon after Yanks starter Michael Pineda was ejected for having pine tar on his neck, an ESPN camera attached to the corner of the visitor's dugout swiveled to catch Pineda walking down into the Yankees tunnel.

If Girardi was mad after Pineda's ejection, the camera really set him off. He wrestled with it and tugged at it until it was turned from the tunnel and toward the field.

"What frustrated me is the camera's meant for the dugout, not for the tunnel,"Girardi said after the game. "Michael was already out of the game. What I wanted was I don't want it down in the tunnel. That's our private area it has been clearly stated that that is for the dugout and not for the tunnel and conversations that happen between players and coaches. That was my beef."

He added: "If I was really gonna tear up the camera, I would've tore it up. But I was really just trying to keep it from being in the tunnel."

Girardi said he didn't think he's be fined for his short-lived grappling session.

"I don't think so. I think MLB is gonna have a problem with ESPN going into our tunnel," he said. I" didn't break the camera. All I did was kept it from going in our tunnel. You guys are acting like I ripped it apart. Camera worked the rest of the game didn't it? All I did was turn it so it was on the field or in the dugout."
It was a frustrating night for Girardi, whose team lost 5-1 and struck out 14 times, 11 courtesy of Sox starter John Lackey, who threw eight innings. His outburst in the second inning seemed to be a quick -- albeit awkward -- release of some frustration.
"If I'm gonna get fined for that, I'll have a real problem with that because I didn't do anything to hurt the camera," he said. "First of all, the camera is in my way. There wasn't one on the other side. That's where I stand every day. Camera's in my way."