On Francona's almost homecoming


On Francona's almost homecoming

A few weeks back, I blogged a blog on here called: Fenway Can Wait For Francona.

It was a response to Peter Gammons' suggestion that Tito should come back and throw out the first pitch before a Sox game, and in it, I made the following argument:
I'm not sure the time is right for Tito to make an appearance at Fenway. Listen, and not to say I blame him, but Francona's obviously still insanely upset and emotional about the way things ended in Boston. The fact that he's been so open about it in the media is an even a greater indicator how torn up he must be behind the scenes. You ever gone through a bad break up (or any break up at all) but then for some reason decided it would be a good idea to meet up with your ex? Maybe you just grab coffee, or lunch, or the craziest move at all, a drink one night after work. If so, you know how it goes.If both sides are cool, have made peace with the relationship and are ready to move on with their lives, it can be a pretty good time. A little awkward, yes. But also respectful, and in many ways, a tribute to the great times you had together.But if one or both parties aren't in a good place. If there's still bad blood and unresolved issues. A reunion with your ex results in unmitigated disaster. Forget a tribute, it just turns into an awful reminder of why things ended in the first place. And stirs up all sorts of awful feelings that you'd been so happy to leave in the past.

And at this point, it's hard to imagine the Red Sox making a point to honor Francona with something like throwing out the first pitch without all these unresolved issues leaking through the cracks
Anyway, if you saw the Globe today, you know that these two crazy kids still have no shot. That there are still so many bad feelings brewing behind the scenes, that any kind of contact will be a public disaster. Especially since Francona is more than willing to divulge anything that happens.

You know, at this point, considering how weaselly Lucchino is, and that there's no chance he andor Henry will ever entirely own up to what happened behind-the-scenes after Francona was fired, I'd say there's a chance we don't see Tito honored at Fenway until someone else owns the team.

But in the meantime, he won't be far. What with his upcoming weekly appearances on ESPN and in Dan Shaugnessy's column.

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