Five from the Fort: Joel Hanrahan

Five from the Fort: Joel Hanrahan
February 16, 2013, 7:01 am
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Joel Hanrahan joins the CSN crew for Five from the Fort - a lightning round of questions with the new Red Sox closer.

Among the topics covered:

Do you need facial hair to be a good closer?

"No. A lot of guys do though. I'd look like I'm 12 if I shave," said Hanrahan. The Red Sox would likely want to avoid any Rookie of the Year flashbacks so expect to see Hanrahan with a healthy dose of facial fur.

How about an entrance song?
Expect to hear something with a little edge when the bullpen doors open in the ninth inning. Hanrahan enjoys the soothing and calming sounds (sarcasm) of Slipknot - a heavy metal band from Iowa.

Will you miss picking up a bat?
Hanrahan tripled in his first career at-bat, but says he'd really enjoy hitting one over the Monster at some point (presumably during batting practice) and said it's even on his Bucket List.

For more from Hanrahan, including his pedicure, check out the video above.