Is this the first test for Farrell?

Is this the first test for Farrell?
April 12, 2013, 9:30 pm
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Things have been going pretty well out of the gate for John Farrell. But now the team has lost two in a row and must stay focused after a rainout. Their closer just blew a game in the ninth and the feel-good story of Jackie Bradley Jr. has dimmed slightly in the face of his 0-for-14 slump.

Is this the first test for John Farrell?

The Sports Tonight crew weighs in:

"It's the first [test] in that they've lost two in a row for the first time," says Steve Buckley. "(Joel) Hanrahan for me isn't the test… you don't touch him… leave him alone, I think he's gonna be fine."

If this is a test, how does Farrell handle it?

"Tell everyone to not listen to jerks like us, don't read people like Buck (Steve Buckley), don't listen to Lou (Merloni) and just hunker down," advises Gary Tanguay. "I think it's important because I think it can go bad just like that (snaps)."

But Kirk Minihane disagrees.

"I feel like this is almost as close to a pressure-free a situation as you'll ever see with a Red Sox manager (coming off a season with Bobby Valentine)."

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