Felger: 'They have a bunch of guys' like Peavy

Felger: 'They have a bunch of guys' like Peavy
July 31, 2013, 8:45 pm
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Lou Merloni and Dan Shaughnessy praised Ben Cherington for pulling off the deal that brought Jake Peavy to Boston. Michael Felger… not so much.

Felger’s reasoning – the Red Sox already have enough Jake Peavys already. He feels the Red Sox are short an ace due to the indefinite absence of Clay Buchholz, and as a result should have pursued Philadelphia Phillies ace Cliff Lee. Especially for the price the Sox had to pay for Peavy, in talented shortstop Jose Iglesias.

“[To trade Iglesias] for another number three starter where they have three or four guys just like it,” said Felger on UNO Sports Tonight, “no, I wouldn’t do it.”