Felger: 'No more Ortiz crying about his contract'

Felger: 'No more Ortiz crying about his contract'
March 24, 2014, 12:00 am
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David Ortiz can rest easy tonight.

He and the Red Sox agreed to a one-year extension worth $16 million that will guarantee his time with the Sox though the 2015 season.

The new extension, however, also includes two vesting options that Ortiz can earn with playing time incentives.

Mike Felger and Lou Merloni discussed the new deal on Sports Sunday, and what it means for both Ortiz and the Sox.

"I thought from Day 1 I'd see them doing this," Merloni said. "The vesting options, I think, are important. If it was a team option . . .  you'd hear more [from Ortiz]. You'd hear . . . 'Are you going to pick up my option as a team?' Now it's vesting . . .  games played, days on the roster, plate appearances. If you're performing you're going to get your plate appearances and therefore it just extends one year. You're not going to hear him bitch about it."

And that's what excites Felger.

"Here's the headline, folks: It's over! There is no more David Ortiz crying about his contract. It's now out of his hands, it's out of the team's hands. If you can play for three more years, David, your performance will dictate it. It's already written, here it is, if you play this many games, you're back next year. But you no longer have to ask, we no longer have to give it to you or don't give it to you, this is finally over."

Time will tell if it is, in fact, over.