Felger to Francona: 'Stir the poop pile'

Felger to Francona: 'Stir the poop pile'
February 29, 2012, 12:32 pm
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A day after his comments about the Red Sox' banning of beer in the clubhouse being 'a P.R. move' blew up a little, Terry Francona -- much to Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti's dismay -- said he'd be a bit more circumspect when speaking about the Red Sox in the future.

"I didn't mean anything derogatory about the team or Bobby Valentine when I said that," Francona told The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo. "It was just an issue that's been played out so publicly.

"I thought I was consistent in what I said yesterday, but I need to be more careful."

No, replied Felger, you don't.

"Do your job," Felger said Tuesday on 'Felger & Mazz'. "Stir the poop pile. That's why you were hired as an analyst by ESPN. It's why you're going to make some money while you're between managerial jobs. Don't be afraid.

"Unfortunately, I think he will. I think he will. Because . . . he meant that comment, I think, as a shot at Red Sox owner John Henry and president and CEO Larry Lucchino and the P.R. nature of that team. He didn't mean it as a shot at Valentine . . . "