Farrell: Red Sox still grabbing information on Britton arrest

Farrell: Red Sox still grabbing information on Britton arrest
March 5, 2013, 4:45 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. – When Drake Britton was arrested for driving under the influence in Lee County over the weekend, it was the second time in as many years a Red Sox player had been arrested for such a violation in the team’s spring training home.  Last year, Bobby Jenks was arrested for a similar incident.
“We take every situation like that seriously,” said manager John Farrell, before the team’s exhibition game against Team Puerto Rico Tuesday night.

“It’s, in this case with Drake, still being addressed. We’re still gathering information and the facts of what transpired. But, fortunately in this case, there was no one injured. But, bottom line is it’s a very serious issue with us.”
Asked if it was a concern, given it has happened in two consecutive spring trainings, Farrell, who was not with the Sox last spring, replied:
“It’s part of every player in our system’s ongoing education. These are things that are talked about from the day they come in and sign their first pro contract to every year that we come into spring training. These types of situations are addressed prior to the camp getting fully underway. Like I said, it’s something that we take seriously.”
While the Red Sox, like most teams, try to treat their host cities like grateful guests, the locations of the incidents are not what is key. The fact that they happen at all is.
“It’s not just Fort Myers,” Farrell said. “Every player represents himself, his family, and certainly this organization. So, I wouldn’t say that’s exclusive to Fort Myers by any means. We’re grateful and thankful [for] Lee County, everyone in this town, the relationship that we have with Fort Myers. Most importantly no one was injured in this situation.”

Red Sox minor leaguer Cody Kukuk was arrested on DUI charges last May.