Farrell pleased with Spring Training

Farrell pleased with Spring Training
March 30, 2013, 1:15 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- In his first spring training as manager of the Red Sox, John Farrell has been pleased with what his team was able to accomplish.
“Overall I think we’ve had a successful camp. I think we’ve been able to integrate the number of players that have been brought in successfully. I think they’ve understood what we’re trying to get done in terms of our approach every night. I think we’ve settled into some element of a line-up, given who’s available. Certainly David and Stephen coming back is going to positively affect that. And I think there’s been more of a bond created by the number of new guys that have come into this group that’s returning from a year ago or years previous. I think overall it’s been a very business-like approach. The attitude has been great, the energy has been consistent. We’ve had a very concentrated effort form their part. And, again, this goes back to the players being first and foremost. They’ve set the tone with this.”
But there were a few things he did not get to accomplish.
“To see our regular lineup more frequently,” he said. “But that will take place when those guys are ready to get back on the field. That would certainly give us a better picture of who we are as a team. And I think the young players showed exceptionally well in camp.”
He’s comfortable with what he’s learned about his players to make his in-game decisions.
“That learning situation will carry on,” he said. “There’s no end date on that. I mean, we’ve identified guys we’ll look to do some things strategically, whether it’s putting guys in motion or how we’ll use the small game. What our abilities are as far as outright stealing bases versus going first to third, which is an overall theme. So there’s certainly a better understanding of it today than there was February 10, which is how I’d hoped it would be.”
And though most managers and coach don’t like surprises, there were several this spring, with at least one “good surprise,” Farrell said.

“How good Jackie Bradley is,” he said. “Just reading about him and hearing about him, until you see him you don’t know fully what to expect. But that’s been a good surprise. You never fully anticipate injuries and the length of them. So that’s always an uncertain thing. But other than that, I think we had a pretty good idea what to anticipate. But to see it unfold and take hold, you get a better sense of it.”