Is Farrell overusing Uehara?

Is Farrell overusing Uehara?
July 6, 2013, 3:00 pm
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The Red Sox bullpen has been a serious topic of discussion for the last few weeks now, and not for all the right reasons.

One player who has performed well, however, is Koji Uehara, who assumed the closer role after Andrew Bailey's continued struggles. 

Uehara has seen plenty of action since taking over, and it got to him on the third of three straight appearances last Sunday when he blew his first save of the season, although the Sox eventually topped the Blue Jays 5-4.

Uehara hasn't allowed a run in his three outings since, but the guys on The Baseball Show are getting concerned that the Sox may be overusing him. 

"I worry about Uehara," Bob Neumeier said. "(John Farrell's) using him, using him, using him, squeezing the lemon dry it seems to me."

Steve Buckley looked back to his blown save as a sign that Uehara was being used too much.

"You could almost tell that was coming because he had pitched a lot and I was at the point where at some point soon and get lit up, and right on cue he got lit up" Buckley said. 

Check out the video above to hear more of the conversation and share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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