Farrell: Iglesias 'going to be with us'

Farrell: Iglesias 'going to be with us'
July 25, 2013, 6:45 pm
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BOSTON -- As the trade deadline nears, there will be plenty of names thrown out in potential deals that would help the Red Sox make a serious postseason push.

With the team having organizational depth at the third base and shortstop positions, it's assumed that any possible trade-deadline dance partner could ask for someone such as Jose Iglesias or Will Middlebrooks.

With Middlebrooks trying to find his game in Triple-A Pawtucket, and Iglesias going through some offensive struggles with Boston, the Red Sox' bigger question might not be, "Who would we rather trade?" Instead, it might be, "Who do we want on our big-league club?"

Red Sox manager John Farrell was asked, on Thursday, about Iglesias' recent offensive struggles and what his comfort level was with Iglesias at the plate.

Farrell pointed out that Iglesias' role on the team includes more than just batting average, which continues to dip (.143 since the All-Star break).

"He gives us the ability to do a number of things inside a game, offensively," said Farrell. "Defensively, it speaks for itself. That's going to be more above average. But offensively, we feel like he's going to make contact. He's going to put the ball in play. He's got some instincts at the plate for a push bunt. We can sac with him. There's some things other than just what the batting average indicates. If the game situation calls for a productive out, that being moving a runner, we've got all of that at our disposal."

As for Middlebrooks - rumored to be talked about in a deal for White Sox right-hander Jake Peavy - Farrell didn't go too in-depth about his play at Pawtucket. But he also didn't give him an overwhelming recommendation.

"He's had some games where he's swung the bat very well," said Farrell. "And there's been some games where the inconsistencies emerge. I can't say that it's too different than what we saw here."

The concern about Iglesias, moving forward -- whether at shortstop of third base -- won't be his defense. It will be his offense. Still, as Farrell continued to point out on Thursday, that offense isn't all about average.

Which is why he said Iglesias isn't going anywhere.

"I can't take away the fact of what he did when he was the headline," said Farrell. "And now, OK, maybe some things aren't going as they were before. But he's still a very good player, and he's going to be with us."