Farrell faces former squad Monday when Sox see Jays

Farrell faces former squad Monday when Sox see Jays
February 24, 2013, 4:00 pm
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JUPITER, Fla. -- The Sox have a split-squad Monday, with one group going to Port Charlotte to play Tampa Bay and another heading to Dunedin to face Toronto.
Farrell opted to go to Dunedin even though it's a much longer road trip than Port Charlotte, but denied there was any motivation behind it. Farrell managed Toronto the last two seasons before leaving to take the Red Sox job.
"My focus is on our team and our players," Farrell said. "We still have decisions to be made here. The majority of our roster projects to be in place but there are a couple of decisions to be made. To get eyes on our young pitchers that are going to be our depth starters. I think that's equally important.
"I'm thankful for that history (with the Jays). There's no question about it. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity. But that's not swaying or influencing where to go. It's (about seeing) our players first."