Farrell 'confident' Sox not linked to Biogenesis

Farrell 'confident' Sox not linked to Biogenesis
June 6, 2013, 11:00 am
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BOSTON -- While Major League Baseball continues its investigation into the Biogenesis clinic and its possible involvement in providing performance-enhancing drugs to players, the Red Sox are confident none of the team’s players will be involved.
“Confident, yes,” manager John Farrell said. “I know there’s been some preliminary notice that none of our players are on [a list of names] but knowing them first-hand as we do, I certainly would be shocked if anybody showed up on it based on how well we know them.”
Beyond that, there was little he could say.
“The only thing you can say about [the situation] is it’s an ongoing investigation,” Farrell said. “We are asked to abide and required to abide by testing and consequences that might come about as a result of it. I’m sure the course it will take will be to get to the bottom of it, as rightfully so.”
He is confident, also, baseball will bounce back from any controversy, as it has in the past.
“It’s unfortunate that decision has been made as often as they’ve been,” Farrell said. “Whether or not they’re proven guilty remains to be seen,  but the one thing that’s been so great about this game is whether it’s the steroid situation or work stoppages, it’s a resilient game and it’s come back from the temporary black eyes that it suffers.”