Epstein: Welcome back, Bartman?

Epstein: Welcome back, Bartman?
October 26, 2011, 8:38 pm

Um, Theo Epstein?

Dan Patrick gives you a big thumb's up on your new job. Especially if you reach out to Steve Bartman.

"It's a great job to have," Patrick said Wednesday on 'The Dan Patrick Show of Epstein's appointment as director of Baseball Operations for the Cubs. "Great city. And there's no downside. All your predecessors, they didn't do it.

"So you go in there, your expectations are, what? 'Let's make the playoffs.' 'Get into the playoffs, maybe win a series.' 'Maybe you happen to get to the NLCS again.'

"And maybe you welcome Bartman back."

Steve Bartman? The guy labeled as the goat for maybe -- or maybe not -- interfering with Moises Alou on a foul ball during Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS, after which the Cubs collapsed against the Marlins?

Theo sounds willing.

"I haven't talked to anyone here at the Cubs about that, but from afar it seems like it would be an important step," Epstein said on Tuesday's 'Pardon The Interruption'. "Maybe a cathartic moment that would allow people to move forward together. I'm all about having an open mind, an open heart, and forgiveness. I think those are good characteristics for an organization to have, as well.

"Look, he's a Cubs fan. That's the most important thing. We need to come together as an organization: The fans, the ownership, the front office, the players, everybody, if we're going to get this thing done.

"So I'm sure it's something that will come up at the right time."