Epstein compensation still unresolved

Epstein compensation still unresolved
November 15, 2011, 2:53 am
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Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington plans to speak with his old boss, Cubs president Theo Epstein, soon to continue talks aimed at resolving the compensation dispute that has lasted a month.

The Cubs owe the Red Sox something for hiring Epstein with a year remaining on his deal in Boston, but to date, little progress has been made.

The commissioner's office has been sending signals that it's growing impatient with the lack of an agreement and may step in to settle the dispute. Previously, the commissioner's office had put a Nov. 1 deadline in place, then granted the teams an extension, to no avail.

"My expectation all along has been that if this doesn't get done, the commissioner's office is going to take it over," said Cherington. "That's probably best for all of us. It's not what we need to be doing this offseason.

"I think we'd still like to figure it out on our own, but if we can't, then I think everyone probably would like to move on."