An early start on the Red Sox road to improvement

An early start on the Red Sox road to improvement
October 22, 2012, 7:49 pm
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I'm saving my thoughts on the John Farrell hiring until hes introduced tomorrow not because I'm waiting for it to be official, its just a matter of time but theres one aspect of Farrell's reunion with the Red Sox thats worth pointing out right now.

Tomorrow is October 23. Bobby Valentine was introduced on December 1. That means that this year's managerial search was completed 40 says earlier this season. 40 DAYS. Now, that's probably more of an indicationa reminder of what a joke last year was for the Sox. Congratulating them on a "brief" three week managerial search is like congratulating the World's Fattest Man on dropping 30 pounds. It's all relative.

But it's also a start. It's an improvement. It's something the Sox can use to their advantage, and at this point, it's clear that they need every advantage they can possibly lay their hands on.

With that, there's more to come on Farrell tomorrow. But let's take a second and appreciate that tomorrow is October 23, not December 1, and that the Sox are at least making strides to cut the fat from last year's disaster. Even if they still have plenty of pounds to go.

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