Drew (concussion) to Pittsburgh for examinations

Drew (concussion) to Pittsburgh for examinations
March 19, 2013, 12:15 pm
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FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Red Sox were originally going to wait until the end of the day before determining whether to send Stephen Drew to see a concussion specialist in Pittsburgh.
Instead, that call has already been made. Drew, who was hit in the helmet by a pitch on March 7 and has suffered from post-concussion symptoms since, will be examined Wednesday and Thursday morning before returning to camp Thursday afternoon.
"We don't have any reason that there's more there," said John Farrell, "but we're trying to get a better understanding of what is there. We're sending him to see Dr. (Michael) Collins at the University of Pittsburgh. Just the fact that he's still experiencing the same type of symptoms, we're just trying to get our arms around this as best we can."
Farrell said he was unaware of what sort of tests Collins will perform.
"He'll be run through a battery of tests," said Farrell, "and what those specifically are, I'm probably not equipped to describe what the process is. Until we know exactly what tests he undergoes and what the findings are (we don't know what comes next). That's why he's headed there.
"His care is first and foremost. I guess the fact that we're still in spring training, we know the days are ticking by. But whatever precautionary or whatever measure we can take, with his care being first and foremost, we're going to do that."
Farrell wouldn't definitively rule Drew out for the April 1 opener, but acknowledged "that window is closing by the day. When you talk about an ordinary or somewhat normal number of at-bats for spring training, yeah, those opportunities are starting to be removed."