Doubront happy with adjustment after rocky outing

Doubront happy with adjustment after rocky outing
March 20, 2013, 4:30 pm
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TAMPA -- Felix Doubront, who pitched well against the Yankees last season, stumbled in the second inning against them Wednesday, allowing four runs on five hits.
But Doubront - with some help from catcher David Ross - made an adjustment in his delivery and pitched 2 1/3 scoreless innings after that, salvaging the outing.
"I feel happy about this outing because I learned a lot," said Doubront after the Sox were blanked by the Yankees, 4-0. "It was just one inning. It happens. The big thing was that I came back and made the adjustment that helped me through the other innings."

Doubront stood more erect on the mound after the second, which in turn allowed his arm to catch up to the rest of his body. Until that mechanical adjustment, he was leaving fastballs up and yanking pitches out of the zone.
"If he could stay tall," said catcher David Ross, "his ball was going where he wanted it to. The one bad innings, some balls were cutting back over the middle, especially on two strikes. That's the adjustment he made."
In four starts against the Yankees in 2012, Doubront never allowed more than four hits. Asked about his confidence level against the Yankees, Doubront held his hand above his head.
"Right here," he said. "I'm not afraid. I respect the guys. I respect every hitter."
He added that his general confidence level is also high.
"I'm more relaxed, calm," he said. "I have to just make those adjustments, to learn and pitch, to be successful in the season. I'm good."
Ross caught Doubront for the first time in a game situation and said he deserved more blame than the pitcher for the rocky second inning.
"I was out of synch with him, not knowing his pitching style and how he gets out of trouble," said Ross. "I think that bad inning was as much to do with me as anything."
"I don't think I called a great game, especially in that inning. It got better as we went. But I really think I was a big hinderance in that bad inning."
Ross is generally impressed with Doubront's repertoire, noting the pitcher's "great life on his fastball, great changeup...When a lefty is throwing the ball that easy, I love the way he goes about his business and his stuff. He's a good pitcher."