Doesn't seem that Sox will re-sign Drew

Doesn't seem that Sox will re-sign Drew
January 22, 2014, 6:30 am
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BOSTON - General manager Ben Cherington said he expects to add "another player or two" to the Red Sox roster before the start of spring training.
But if you're thinking he's referring to Stephen Drew, that might be a leap.
"I think it's likely we'll add to the roster," said Cherington, who was in attendance at Fenway Park for a Hot Stove, Cool Music charity event Tuesday night, "whether it be in the form of a major league deal or a minor league deal remains to be seen, but I'm confident we'll add some players before spring training. We're actively working on that now. There's still some areas we'd like to beef up a little bit and add some depth to.
"Hopefully we're getting closer on a couple of things."
Cherington said the Sox are "looking to build as much protection and depth as we can and looking for value. Sometimes in January and February, you can' find that."
Cherington "wouldn't rule out" adding one or two more pitchers or adding an infielder-oufielder utility player.
As for Drew, who remains a free agent, Cherington had little to update.
"We're not making any assumptions," he said. "We're just really focused on who we have here right now. We feel like we're in good shape to start the season, if we had to.
"Stephen did a great job for us last year and we respect him and because of that, we've kept a dialogue going. But there's nothing to be gleaned from that other than we've kept a dialogue going. We're very comfortable with where we are, but we'll see.
"I don't want to ever rule anything out because it doesn't make sense to do that. But we like the roster we have right now."
The Sox seem content to open the season with rookie Xander Bogaerts as their starting shortstop. If Drew were to re-sign with the Sox, Bogaerts would then shift to third base.
Cherington wouldn't get into specifics about how recently he's spoken with Scott Boras, Drew's agent, or any sort of internal timetables.
"There's no date on which you just stop considering moves," he said, "because that's limiting yourself in a way I don't think we have to. But we feel very good about the team that we have. I expect there will be a small handful of additions to camp before we get to Florida. But what kinds of additions those are remains to be seen.
"I'd really rather keep it to, we've got a lot of respect (for Drew) and respect for the factors he's considering. We have issues on our own and we're mostly focused on those issues . . . If it makes sense to talk, we'll talk. But I think the time that's been spent on talking about it publicly is not necessarily consistent with the time we're spending on it."