Does it matter who breaks the news?


Does it matter who breaks the news?

So far today, we've been handed two pretty big pieces of Red Sox related news:

1. Alfredo Aceves has been told to be ready to start the second game of the season, in the event that Josh Beckett's thumb injury proves worse than expected.

2. Andrew Bailey has a thumb injury of his own, and won't be ready for Opening Day. In the meantime, Mark Melancon will fill the void.

Pretty unfortunate on both counts, eh?

Even if Beckett turns out to be OK, and Bailey is ready to roll at 100 percent in a week or so, you never want this kind of news on the week of Opening Day; not about anyone on your team, never mind your injury-prone closer and controversial No. 2 starter.

But for some folks in town, the news itself isn't quite as big as how the news was broken:



Aceves is the one who told reporters about Beckett; Melancon is the man who broke the news about Bailey, and apparently this is a sign of big problems. It means that Bobby V. doesn't have control. That the inmates are running the asylum. That

I don't know. And honestly I don't care.

Do you really care how this news gets broken?

I mean, it's one thing if Aceves pulled a reporter aside and says, "Hey, I just wanted you to know that Josh Beckett is dealing with a degenerative thumb issue. There's actually a good chance it's going to fall off and have to be replaced by a tiny wooden stump. Dude's career is probably over."

OK, fine. In that case, everyone should freak out. That's probably something the team should release itself. But the fact that Aceves tells the Herald that he was told to be ready, after Beckett had already left the team to get checked out in San Antonio? That Melancon talked about Bailey after there had already been wild speculation that he was hurt?

If you ask me, there are far more important storylines to focus on. For instance, what's up with Sox pitcher and their thumbs? Someone needs to launch an investigation

Or maybe we can just ask Alfredo Aceves.

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