Do the Red Sox need to acquire a closer?

Do the Red Sox need to acquire a closer?
July 20, 2013, 1:15 am
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With yet another reliever likely out for the season in Andrew Bailey, Red Sox nation is bemoaning the state of the bullpen.

Yet, not everybody is overly concerned with this latest setback.

The Uno Sports Tonight crew, consisting of Glenn Ordway, Greg Dickerson and WEEI's Sean Grande, tackled the subject of this latest injury in the late-inning staff.

Dickerson, for one, was not too panicked over losing a player like Bailey.

"If this guy were a steady closer, a steady back end of the bullpen guy, then I'd react like Glenn [Ordway] and like others reacted and been all concerned," Dickerson said. "[But] what has this guy done for you all year long for us to be all upset about the fact that he's probably going to be out the rest of the season?"

The bullpen remains a concern, though, even if Bailey's absence only appears a minor setback to some. Grande didn't dispute that, but did not get the sense that the Sox will make a big move for a closer at the trade deadline.

"I just don't see this happening, I think there are more desperate teams like Detroit, I think there are teams with better commodities to make a deal for Papelbon and I don't sense the urgency to get a Jonathan Papelbon," Grande said. "The repeated conversation turned back to guys in the organization tells me repeatedly that if there's a chance to get a ninth inning guy, they'll make the move for it, but the urgency isn't there, I don't think it's going to happen."