Deja vu: Valentine managed a Sox-like collapse

Deja vu: Valentine managed a Sox-like collapse
November 21, 2011, 1:34 pm
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If Bobby Valentine is, indeed, shooting to the top of the Red Sox' list of managerial candidates, the team is -- according to Damon Amendolara -- ignoring a fairly significant piece of history:

Valentine once presided over the exact same time of collapse that the Red Sox endured two months ago. Except his team was allegedly smoking dope, and not drinking beer and eating chicken, in the clubhouse.

"You do realize that the RedSox 11 happened one other time: It was the Mets on 02, and that was withBobby Valentine," said the 98.5 The Sports Hub host on 'Sports Sunday'. "They had a huge payrollwith a bunch of veterans that were supposed to win the division, and theyfinished in last place, collapsed, with a ton of soap-opera drama.

"And it wasweed smoking, not chicken and beer, in the 02 Mets clubhouse."

For that reason, D.A. is not on the Bobby V. bandwagon.

"Its a joke! How can weignore this? The exact collapse that happened to the Red Sox in 11 happenedunder his watch nine years ago! . . .

"If theyre looking forsomeone to clean up that clubhouse, hes the wrong guy."