Debating what Lester's contract should be

Debating what Lester's contract should be
April 6, 2014, 10:15 pm
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The MLB season has started, and the Red Sox could not come to an agreement with No. 1 pitcher Jon Lester on a new contract extension.

Lester may not be a shutdown dominant ace, but he's good for 200 innings and 15-plus wins a season. That makes him a stud pitcher, and one that will get a pretty decent contract.

But what deal should he get based on the "market"? Well, that's when things get interesting on The Baseball Show.

"Don't come out and say, 'I'll take less to stay here', and then act offended if they're not paying you what the standard bearer contract calls for," Sean McAdam said, "allowing for the fact that he hasn't reached baseball free agency. It's a rule of baseball economics that if you sign ahead of free agency, you're going to get less."

Bob Neumeier points out that Cole Hamels signed a big extension during the season, but McAdam says it was a bad deal.

But regardless, is it now the "market value"? That's the key in this heated debate between Neumeier and McAdam, as the discussion turns to Miguel Cabrera and the 10-year deal he just signed with the Tigers.

Neumeier says that good deal or not, if that's what the market is, then that's why the deal was made. McAdam counters that it wasn't what the market was, because the Tigers offered the deal to Cabrera two seasons before the deal he was on expired.

Somehow, this all ties back to Lester in the end, so check out the video.