Debating official scorer's ruling in Darvish's no-hit bid

Debating official scorer's ruling in Darvish's no-hit bid
May 12, 2014, 11:00 am
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Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish almost had a perfect game against the Red Sox over the weekend.

Then, he almost had a no-hitter.

David Ortiz's single in the 9th inning broke up the no-hit bid, but it was his hit earlier in the game - a pop up that fell between the Rangers' second baseman and outfielder - that was ruled an error instead of a hit.

Virtually every time a play like that happens, where the ball does not touch a fielder before it hits the ground, it's ruled a hit. But the official scorer ruled it an error because according to Rule 10.12.A, it is in fact a judgment call even if the ball does not hit the glove.

Bob Neumeier read the rule to Lou Merloni and Dan Shaughnessy on The Baseball Show.

"That's a really interesting rule and I'm glad you read it so precisely," Shaughnessy said. "Lou is right. For 120 years that's been a hit. That's always called a hit because if the ball doesn't hit leather, it's a hit . . . the scorer is looking for an out here because his butt is on the line, it's a home game, he's the home scorer, i't s perfect game. He doesn't want to be like Joyce the umpire with the kid in Detroit two years ago where he screws up the perfect game because of his call . . . the scorer gets the out he wants with Elias giving him this rule and says [that] ordinary effort would have made that be a catch, so I'm going to call that an error. So the scorer is suspect there and if it ends up being the only man on base in the game, I guess-"

Neumy cuts him off:

"Why is he suspect? He's following the rule. Rule 10.12.A."

Shaughnessy said it's kind of like the pine tar rule where they should go over some of these things and compare the rule to the understanding.

But that's not all. Ortiz is actually appealing the ruling that his first hit should be a hit, and not ruled an error.

Why? Shaughnessy doesn't understand it either.

"My thoughts are, 'David, you're better than this. This is embarrassing. You have been this great player, this champion player. Don't do these things because it arms your enemies with like, why is this guy so selfish? This is embarrassing.'"