David Ortiz: Through the 2012 blowups


David Ortiz: Through the 2012 blowups

Unfortunately, David Ortiz's July 4th blowup isn't the first. It's actually the third one of note in this season alone, a season that seems to be growing more and more frustrating for the Red Sox DH despite his excellent numbers.

To celebrate Ortiz being in the news once again for the wrong reasons, we take a look back the other infamous moments in Ortiz's 2012 season:

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First Blowup: May 23 in Baltimore

Reports surface that Ortiz called a players-only meeting. Ortiz then calls out media on what is considered "leadership" in this town. He just can't win . . .

McAdam on Ortiz's leadership rant

Origin of Ortiz's leadership rant
Second blowup: June 21 in Boston

The bleep hits the fan as far as Ortiz is concerned. He's tired of all the "drama" outside of baseball. This prompted him to say, among other things, of playing in Boston: "It's becoming the bleephole it used to be."

Ortiz: "Becoming the bleephole it used to be."

McAdam: "Ortiz has been building to this blowup."

Ortiz creates some of the drama

Curious timing of Ortiz's remarks

McAdam on The Baseball Show: "Some hypocrisy in Ortiz's comments."

Does Ortiz deserve a multi-year contract?
Third blowup: July 4 in Oakland

Show me the money. That was Ortiz's main point when venting to a USA Today reporter about his current contract situation. Ortiz said last year's arbitration process was "humiliating" and "embarrassing" and that he's "open to anything" when he hits free agency next season.
Ortiz's latest contract gripe

McAdam: Might not have heard the end of Ortiz' gripeThird blowup cont'd.: Standing Room Only - Any sympathy for Papi? Rich Levine feels bad for David Ortiz, but not in the way that you might think. Where is the old Papi?
Borges: Ortiz shouldn't be penalized for being DH

Massarotti: Ortiz angry he has to work for his money