CSN Chicago: Epstein deal 'basically' done


CSN Chicago: Epstein deal 'basically' done

CSN Chicago's David Kaplan reports that the deal to make Theo Epstein the Cubs President of Baseball Operations is "basically" done, and a press conference should be held tomorrow to announce the move. According to the report, former Red Sox Assistant General Manager Jed Hoyer will be the new GM in Chicago.

While Hoyer will have significant opportunities to make decisions, Epstein will have complete power over on the baseball side of the franchise.

"They are handing him the keys to the kingdom," Kaplan told WEEI on Thursday. "He'll have unanimous power in Chicago. Cubs owner Tom Ricketts is basically giving him 150 million a year and saying 'spend it how you want.' "

According to Kaplan, the Red Sox won't receive any other major league talent as compensation for Epstein, but they could end up with one of the Cubs' top prospects.

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David KaplanCompensation will not include ML talent but will include value but not Brett Jackson. If it's Trey McNutt, oh well. Price of doing biz!
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It was reported that the Red Sox sought pitcher Matt Garza as compensation for Epstein, but the Cubs held firm and elected not to give in to Boston's original asking price.

Red Sox avoid arbitration with Bogaerts, Holt with 1-year deals

Red Sox avoid arbitration with Bogaerts, Holt with 1-year deals

Facing a 1 p.m. Friday deadline to avoid arbitration, the Red Sox reportedly agreed to a one-year, $3.6 million deal with center field Jackie Bradley Jr., and also avoided hearings with six other players.

Shortstop Xander Bogaerts, utilityman Brock Holt, pitchers Joe Kelly, Robbie Ross Jr., Tyler Thornburgh and catcher Sandy Leon also agreed to one-year deals.

Terms of the deals were not announced.

It leaves left-handers Fernando Abad and Drew Pomeranz as the only arbitration-eligible Red Sox without a deal.  

Report: Bradley Jr. avoids arbitration, agrees to 1-year, $3.6M deal with Red Sox

Report: Bradley Jr. avoids arbitration, agrees to 1-year, $3.6M deal with Red Sox

Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley avoided arbitration and agreed to a one-year, $3.6 million deal with the team, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick reported.

Bradley, who turns 27 April 19, had his best season in 2016, hitting .267 with 26 homers and a league-best 29-game hitting streak. He also won his first Gold Glove. A Scott Boras client, Bradley isn’t eligible for free agency until 2020. 
Friday at 1 p.m. was the deadline to reach deals to avoid arbitration. 

Other arbitration-eligible Red Sox are infielders Xander Bogaerts and Brock Holt, left-handers Drew Pomeranz and Fernando Abad, right-handers Joe Kelly, Robbie Ross and Tyler Thornburg and catcher Sandy Leon.