Crawford admits surgery on elbow possible at some point


Crawford admits surgery on elbow possible at some point

BOSTON -- Left fielder Carl Crawford was pulled off his rehab assignment Saturday, when he suffered a mild left groin strain rounding second after hitting a triple playing for Double-A Portland Thursday.

Crawford downplayed the severity of the strain, saying the leg is finethe thing is I do that every year.

He expects to begin another rehab assignment Thursday with Triple-A Pawtucket.

But he did acknowledge there is a possibility he will need surgery at some point onhis left elbow which has kept on the disabled list since the start of the season.

Probably at some point, because its one of those deals. It is what it is, Crawford said. So probably at some point its going to go out on me.

Asked if he had thought about having surgery before the elbow goes out, Crawford replied:

Thought about it but at this point if I can play, I think they want me out on the field. So Im just trying to do everything I can to get back on the field.

Asked if that was best for him, Crawford replied:

Right now, I feel like if I couldnt help the team, I wouldnt get out there. So I think helping the team out right now is best for me.

Crawford has been told, if he does have the surgery the recovery time for a position player would be shorter than for that of a pitcher. Typically, a pitcher would need approximately 11 18 months to return from Tommy John surgery.

From what I heard its not that long, Crawford said. You dont have to wait as long. So I think the recovery time will be a little faster.

The elbow began bothering Crawford in spring training, as he was recovering from surgery in mid-January on his left wrist. He said he occasionally feels pain in the elbow.

It doesnt really hurt when I throw in action, he said. Its weird, its like when Im warming up its a little sore when Im warming up. But when Im in action and Im making a throw it actually doesnt bother me as much.

It doesnt bother him at all, he said, when he swings a bat.

No, it doesnt hurt at all when I swing a bat. So definitely if there was some pain now, I probably would have to sit down, he said.

Crawford said he may have to modify his throws from the outfield, throwing to a cut-off man rather than attempting any long throws. But, he acknowledged, that plan may be challenged when the heat of competition takes over.

Itll probably be best for me to throw it to the cut-off man, he said. But I cant say once I get in game action, and your competitiveness takes over and you want to make certain throws. I could say Im probably supposed to throw it to the cut-off man but at some time you still might try to make a certain throw.

Crawford is close, he said, to being able to make that test.

I feel like Im real close, he said. I feel good. Feel like I can help the team out and thats what Im going to try to do when I get back.

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