Cherington provides updates on Ellsbury, Crawford, Youkilis

Cherington provides updates on Ellsbury, Crawford, Youkilis
May 22, 2012, 12:40 am
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BALTIMORE -- In addition to reacting to the latest injury news regarding outfielder Cody Ross, general manager Ben Cherington offered some updates on other issues.

Among them:

Jacoby Ellsbury.

"I don't have an update (on a return date)," said Cherington. "He's doing well. His range of motion has really come back - not all the way, but he's almost there. So he's doing well with that.

"He's started strengthening. He feels good. I'd say rough time frame, early July. But there's no specific calendar put on him."

Cherington said he was unsure how soon Ellsbury might be able to resume baseball activities.

"We're not sure yet," he said. "He's got to get all the range of motion back. He's got to strengthen and once that happens, he'll start to that ramp up. He's doing well. He's making good progress."

Carl Crawford

"Nothing's changed on that," said Cherington. "We're still looking at, hopefully, early- to mid-July time-frame. He's also doing well, progressing, but hasn't started swinging yet. Hopefully that'll come soon, but we're not there yet."

Kevin Youkilis

Youkilis is expected to join the team Tuesday and be activated. Cherington was asked what the plans were for him.

"We have to kind of listen to him and see how he responds," said Cherington. "We'll see how he responds. He's obviously been an everyday player through his career. Bobby (Valentine) will be careful, I'm sure, and if giving him a day here and there helps him, then that's something we can do.

"I'm confident he'll can be an everyday player and will be an everyday player. Whether it makes sense to run him right out there seven days a week . . . that's another question."