Cashman: We won't allow injuries to bury us

Cashman: We won't allow injuries to bury us
March 20, 2013, 3:15 pm
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TAMPA -- Opinions vary, of course, about the state of the American League East, but two points seem indisputable: 1) The division is more competitive than ever and 2) the Yankees -- thanks to off-season losses and a rash of spring injuries -- have seldom been more vulnerable.
When the season begins, the Yankees will be without third baseman Alex Rodriguez (hip), Curtis Granderson (forerm), Mark Teixeira (wrist), and possibly, Derek Jeter (ankle), who had something of a setback Tuesday and required an injection of cortisone to quite some inflammation.
At a time when the division is tighly bunched-together, the Yankees will open the season with at least three -- if not four -- everyday regulars and it would seem that falling behind in the East in the early going would be disastrous.
"One hundred sixty-two," said GM Brian Cashman with a smile. "One-hundred sixty-two. It's a long season and we're going to do everything in our power to make sure that when the dust settles, you're asking, 'How did you figure your way through this?' Rather than, 'How did you allow this to bury you?' We're not going to allow this to bury us. We're just not. We can't."
Even before the spring injuries struck, the Yankees were facing a dramatic drop in power, with Rodriguez sidelined by off-season surgery and the loss of catcher Russell Martin, outfielders Nick Swisher, DH Raul Ibanez and spare outfielder Andruw Jones.  
But the subsequent losses of Granderson (who will be out until mid-May) and the potential long-term loss of Teixeira (who could require surgery to repair a torn sheath in his wrist) could really prove problematic.
Cashman, however, isn't looking for sympathy.
"I was raised under the Boss (late owner George Steinbrenner)," said Cashman, "and with the Boss, there's no excuses. So these are obstacles you deal with. You find ways to get over (them) -- that's it. No one cares about anything else. All they care about is the bottom line and what you put in that win column.
"Obviously, we'd like to not have these issues or any of these issues, but issues are part of everybody's circumstances. Some years you have more than others. But the bottom line is, it's your job to get through them, no matter whether you're player, manager, coach, front're job is to get through all of these issues, period."
Manager Joe Girardi said last week that the Yankees have to find a way to overcome the injuries and still win.
"That's the job description -- period,'' agreed Cashman. "You have to figure it out. That's all you do. You have to find a way. We will."