Carl Crawford: One-on-one with Lou Merloni

Carl Crawford: One-on-one with Lou Merloni
February 21, 2012, 1:09 pm
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Say what you will about Carl Crawford, but he's an interesting -- and frank -- interviewee.

In addition to the frank comments he made to members of the media Monday morning, he sat down for an enlightening one-on-one interview with Lou Merloni on 'Uno's Sports Tonight' Monday evening. In this clip, he talks about the difficulties he had batting lower in the order than he'd hit in Tampa Bay, and how if affected his approach at the plate (and he also absolved Terry Francona of any blame for it, saying, "I was struggling so bad, what else could he do?"):

In this clip, Merloni and Crawford talk about John Henry's comment that he didn't want to sign him, calling it "cherry on top of the whipped cream to the end of the year":