Buy or Sell: Red Sox edition

Buy or Sell: Red Sox edition
February 22, 2013, 10:45 pm
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Sean McAdam checks in for a game of Buy or Sell.

  •  Buy or Sell - We will see the 2011 editions of Bard and Ellsbury this year

McAdam splits here, buying on Bard and selling on Ellsbury.

When it comes to Bard, it seems to be more about confidence than anything else. With John Farrell back in the fold, Bard has someone that he's comfortable with and that should lead to a restoration of confidence. McAdam says Bard looked good in his first outing of spring, hitting the high 90s on the radar gun and demonstrating the easy throwing motion he had back in 2011. McAdam believes Bard can once again be a dominant late-inning reliever.

As for Ellsbury, McAdam believes 2011 was something of an outlier. Ellsbury is likely to be better than he was in the second half of last season, but he's probably not the five-tool player he appeared to be in 2011. McAdam says the power is probably the least likely tool to return for Ellsbury in 2013.

  •  Buy or Sell - The Sox will be the clear winners in the deal with the Dodgers

This one is a "Buy" for a number of different reasons.

First, because the Sox were able to rid themselves of some clubhouse issues. The Sox traded three players who for different reasons were no longer fits in Boston. Crawford was desperate to live up to his contract, Gonzalez never seemed to get comfortable and Beckett was... well, Beckett.

Additionally, the Sox were able to shed $260 million in payroll. The value of that will only be determined based on what the Red Sox do with that money over the next few years, but having that kind of flexibility was a clear-win for the Sox.

Finally, the Red Sox got two pitchers in Allen Webster and Rubby De La Rosa who can be legitimate starting pitchers for years to come.There's never a guarantee that young pitching will work out, but the Sox are comfortable that the players they received in return will pay higher dividends than the ones who left town.

  •  Buy or Sell - Sacred Heart made the right decision in hiring Bobby Valentine to be their new athletic director.

Sell - "I don't know that Bobby Valentine is going to be any more successful as an athletic director there he was as a manager here," says McAdam. "He'll be calling out the captain of the field hockey team within a couple of months. Chaos will reign."

For more Buy or Sell questions, check out the video above.