Buckley: 'If A-Rod can play, he's going to play'

Buckley: 'If A-Rod can play, he's going to play'
July 3, 2013, 2:45 pm
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Alex Rodriguez has already made his first rehab start in his attempt to return to the field after a hip injury sidelined him for the first half of the season.

But that doesn't mean he is in the clear.

Drama has engulfed Rodriguez and the Yankees in recent weeks, starting with GM Brian Cashman very publicly uttering his disgust toward a tweet the third basemen sent about his rehab process. In the tweet, Rodriguez said that he had been given the green light to play baseball, a statement that angered Cashman because of his saying the exact opposite the day before.

Even after that simmered down, the A-Rod saga didn't. Reports surfaced that Rodriguez was attempting to accelerate his return in order to claim he was physically unable to perform, retire from the game and still collect the more than $100 million that still remains on his monster contract.

Other reports painted Rodriguez as the victim, stating that the Yankees wished to keep him from returning this season in order to collect insurance on his salary.

Whatever the case, the guys of UNO Sports Tonight debated where it will all go from here.

Mike Felger was unsure that A-Rod would actually find the field for the Yankees, even if healthy.

"The Yankees already paid the piper on this, they owe him all the money. At this point it's just gravy if he can play," Felger said. "Are they going to stick him in there because remember by the end of the playoffs last year, he was on the bench. If he can't hit, he won't play."

The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley countered that the maligned third baseman will return but isn't optimistic in his chances of recapturing his past great form.

"If he can play, he's going to play," Buckley said. "The guy has always had trouble dealing with pressure in the postseason. I know he had the big postseason run a few years back but now he's going to come in amid all the controversy and with that thing about Brian Cashman, that's not going to be good for him. That's coupled with the fact that I happen to think he's done."

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