Buckley: Dempster should get 10-game suspension

Buckley: Dempster should get 10-game suspension
August 19, 2013, 9:00 pm
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There are some mixed reactions as to whether or not Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster should face a suspension for plunking Alex Rodriguez Sunday night.

Steve Buckley is for a Dempster suspension. A long one at.

Buckley and Bob Ryan joined Lou Merloni and Andy Gresh on UNO Sports Tonight, and Buckley showed his displeasure with the starter's actions.

"If you bought a ticket to the Red Sox game (Sunday) you were cheated, because you had an expectation that your team was trying to capture first place in the American League East," Buckley said. "That may have been prominent in the mind of most Red Sox players, but it was low on the list of priorities for Ryan Dempster. There is no middle ground on this one, if you disagree with me you are wrong because he had an agenda, the thing he needed to do last night was go out and hit A-Rod.

"This guy should get a 10-game suspension just to make sure they can't do this Mickey Mouse stuff with the rotation."

Ryan agrees that what Dempster did was wrong, but doesn't see a suspension as necessary.

"It was hilariously appropriate to throw behind (A-Rod) on that pitch for ball one, it's OK, we all got the message then, America got the message, A-Rod got the message," Ryan said. "It was funny and you made your point. Then go get him out. That's the most important thing after that. You sent your message. If you happen to nick him then, fine. It was over."