Buckley: Can't write Drew out of mix yet

Buckley: Can't write Drew out of mix yet
November 17, 2013, 9:45 pm
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The Boston Red Sox have several key decisions to make this offseason, including what to do at shortstop.

Stephen Drew rejected the Red Sox’s qualifying offer and is testing the free agent market, but is still a possibility to return while the potential replacement at shortstop, Xander Bogaerts will have to see how the Red Sox handle the Drew situation before he knows where he is playing next season.

Michael Felger, Steve Buckley, and Chris Gasper sat down on Sports Tonight to discuss what the Red Sox should do with Drew.

“They have a love affair with him,” Buckley said. “If you take out the postseason which is a big chunk of the season and look what he did during the regular season, the offensive numbers he put up and the way he glides at shortstop, I don’t think you can write him out of the mix for next year yet.”

But with Bogaerts waiting in the wings to take over, many question whether the Red Sox should even sign Drew back.

“Look, they signed Drew as a bridge,” Felger said. “It was a perfect bridge. They won a championship. Now the young guy is ready. Why are we dinking around with this?”