Buckley on Boggs: 'I would retire his number'

Buckley on Boggs: 'I would retire his number'
April 13, 2013, 5:00 pm
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Wade Boggs believes his number should be retired by the Red Sox.

Steve Buckley believes it's time for the Red Sox to retire Boggs' number

"I would retire his number if you're going by what the player meant statistically." said Steve Buckley, "He is one of the great players in Red Sox history.  He won five batting titles."

Red Sox insider Sean McAdam agrees.

"Everyone who is a baseball fan associates Wade Boggs with the Red Sox." added Sean McAdam

But remember, the Red Sox have strict guidelines to have a number retired.  The player must...

  • Finish his career with the Red Sox
  • Be in the Hall of Fame
  • Play ten years with the club

Sean McAdam thinks it's time those guidelines be changed.

"How come they aren't charging the same ticket prices that John Harrington charged when he last ran the ball-club in 2001? Is it okay to change that? Of course it is." continued McAdam, "Times changed, ownership changed.  Stop hiding behind something that was in place eleven, and twelve, and fifteen years ago under an ownership that now has nothing to do with the team… He's gone, and you're here.  If you think that's a silly rule, then change it."

Should the Red Sox change their uniform retirement guidelines? Will Wade Boggs ever get his number retired?

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