Buckley: Aceves mess is Red Sox responsibility

Buckley: Aceves mess is Red Sox responsibility
April 24, 2013, 12:00 pm
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Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald joined Uno Sports Tonight to discuss why Alfredo Aceves is still a member of the Boston Red Sox.

Last night, Aceves had one of his worst outings, which included a third inning that consisted of 2 balks, 3 walks, 3 hits and an instant in which he forgot to cover first base.

"This is an embarrassment that he is on this team. They are trying to sell the 'new' Red Sox," said Buckley. "It was an absolute embarrassment what happened there tonight with this guy. And then, he throws his offense under the bus after the game." 

"Well, that's just it because this is a good clubhouse and you wanna get rid of the jerks, and he's not worth keeping around," replied Gary Tanguay. "You don't have to keep this guy around so he has got to go."

"This is not the product you are trying to sell here and you can't have a guy in the wake of what happened last year. Now you got a guy throwing his offense under a bus in a game in April and that is unacceptable," Buckley said.

What do you think? Time to show Alfredo the door? Let us know in the comment box below.