Buchholz 'not out there holding back' in simulated game

Buchholz 'not out there holding back' in simulated game
February 23, 2013, 11:15 am
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Clay Buchholz is catching some heat for his slow return to the mound despite what appears to be good health.

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FORT MYERS, Fla. – Saturday morning, before the start of the Red Sox Grapefruit League opener against the Rays, Clay Buchholz threw two innings of a simulated game on a back field at JetBlue Park. The right-hander, who threw 37 pitches to J.C. Linares and Mike Carp, was satisfied with the outing.
Buchholz is delayed early in camp after straining his right hamstring during pitchers fielding practice on Feb. 12, the first day of pitchers and catchers workouts

“Felt really good,” Buchholz said. “The one thing that I definitely need to sit back and work on that I haven’t really had a chance to is just out of the stretch. Didn’t really get to go in-depth with it.  But there was definitely some kinks in the delivery. But other than that I feel strong.  Obviously first and foremost, is  the arm feels really good.  the hamstring is sort of secondary to that for me. but there was no issues. been running the last couple days, sprint stuff. and I haven’t had anything hold me back. So it felt good.
“No restrictions. I’m not out there holding back.”
The kinks, he said, were not related to his hamstring injury.
“No, it was more rust just shaking off the rust,” he said. “Throwing to hitters live, knowing that they don’t know what’s coming and just that little drift.  That’s my flaw in my delivery, whenever I'm not able to repeat it, it’s  not getting to a point where I’m standing on my back leg, everything’s moving forward from the start and that’s where I’ll run into problems. But everybody has things like that that they need to take care of. Just one of the things that I need to work a little bit harder on.”
Buchholz threw a full mix of his pitches.
“Yeah, all offseason my sole purpose is just to get backspin on the four-seams and throw two-seams and maybe a couple changeups,” he said. “And when I get here I start spinning curveballs. I’ve thrown two or three bullpens throwing all my pitches. I think it defeats the purpose of even starting to throw a pitch if you’re not going to go out and throw it, because I feel like if I can locate fastball then if I can throw my secondary pitches off of that with the arm slot, same arm speed that’s what I need to do for the season.  It would defeat the purpose if I didn’t throw them.”
Manager John Farrell said before Buchholz’s outing, if the right-hander came through it with no issues, he could be inserted into the rotation. Buchholz was not sure what the next step is for him. He wants to wait to see how he responds tomorrow.
“Obviously I’m not going to do anything if there’s any kind of pain or tweak or pulling sensation,” Buchholz said. “I’m going to wait until it’s completely gone.”