Buchholz to be re-examined Friday

Buchholz to be re-examined Friday
July 18, 2013, 6:30 pm
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BOSTON -- Clay Buchholz has not seen Red Sox team orthopedist, Dr. Peter Asnis, since the last time the team was home, back on July 4. That will all change on Friday. Buchholz is scheduled to be re-examined by Dr. Asnis, thanks to lingering soreness in his neck that has completely shut him down during the All-Star break.

"Based on that exam, whether or not there needs to be further images taken, that will be decided at that time,"  Red Sox manager John Farrell said at in a media session on Thursday at Fenway Park.

Buchholz (9-0, 1.71 ERA), who hasn't pitched in a game since June 8, began to take a step back, according to Farrell, when he started throwing off the mound. As a result, Buchholz has received additional anti-inflammatory medication, leaving no exact timetable for Buchholz' return.

"He's still got some lingering soreness in there," said Farrell. "And through treatment, through some medication, letting that take hold over these past few days, that re-examine will be done tomorrow. And like I said, hopefully that throwing program will start back up either tomorrow or Saturday.

"Over the past couple of days, he did not pick up a baseball. He shut down over the All-Star break. He'll be re-examined here tomorrow. At which time, we're hopeful that he would resume a throwing program."

Right now, all the Red Sox have is hope.

"We all want the same thing, and that is Clay getting back on the mound," said Farrell. "But along the way, we've got to balance a player's current and long-term health.

"A player's health is first and foremost. And we're taking every necessary step along the way to achieve that."