Breaking News: Ortiz wants a contract

Breaking News: Ortiz wants a contract
September 25, 2012, 7:50 pm
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This just in: The Red Sox have a lot on their plate this offseason.

Among the items on Ben Cherington's to-do list: Finding a replacement for Adrian Gonzalez, finding a replacement for Bobby Valentine, finding another quality starter, finding a few guys who know how to get on base, figuring out what to do with Jacoby Ellsbury and finally, convincing Larry Lucchino that anything and everything is worthy of his diabolical plan.

And then there's the seemingly annual task on the Sox winter check list: Dealing with David Ortiz!

Papi hits the free agent market again this year, and to absolutely no one's surprise, he's already sounding off on his desire for a mulit-year contract. In this case, to the Herald's Scott Lauber:

Yeah, of course, its something I dont want to be worried about anymore, Ortiz said. If I can play, I can play. You cant take that away from me. I think its easier for me not to be answering the questions youre asking me right now the whole year.

Its been, what, three years now that Ive got to be answering this question, and Ive been one of the most productive players on this ball club. Why me?

The "Why me?" question can be answered a few ways. There's the fact that he'll turn 37 in November. There's the fact that he was previously linked to steroids and initially saw his numbers dwindle in the aftermath. There's the fact that he's now been hampered by a sore Achilles at various points over the last two years, with the most recent incident causing him to miss the final two months of the season. There's the fact that there's not another team in baseball that will give him a multi-year deal. There's the fact that most of the questions that he's asked about the issue stem from him bringing said issue up himself, unprovoked, numerous times every season.

I think that will suffice for now.

And the question moving forward is: Will the Sox ever give him more than one year? All signs point to no.

Which leads us to another question: Is David Ortiz worth the headache?

I mean, we all know that the Sox can use and will probably need his bat in the line-up next year, but in the name of cleansing that clubhouse and changing the face and focus of this organization, will Papi's number be worth having to listen to him constantly or even sporadically bitch about not having more security?

I say no. But just to be sure, let me just check with Larry first.

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