Bogaerts: Cold weather tough on me

Bogaerts: Cold weather tough on me
February 18, 2014, 11:00 pm
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One of the top prospects in all of baseball is Xander Bogaerts, who happens to be the shortstop of the future - and perhaps even present as well.

Bogaerts joined The Baseball Show on Tuesday night in his first real spring training.

Hailing from Aruba, the weather in Ft. Myers is nothing to Bogaerts, but it's a rude awakening when he goes back up to the northeast.

Lou Merloni asked him if the weather makes it a little tough early on in the season.

"Yeah, it is to be honest," Bogaerts said. "But I try to grind through it and wait until the weather gets warmer and start getting a little better. I'm from Aruba, we're in the Caribbean and we're not used to the cold weather."

But Bogaerts will certainly be prepared for the start of the Major League season, having spent an entire spring training with the Sox unlike last year, when he left early for the World Baseball Classic.

"Last year I was here like one or two weeks and then I had to leave for the WBC," Bogaerts said. "So hopefully I can get a lot of work done. When I came back from the WBC last year I was so lost. So hopefully it doesn't happen this year. I can get all my at-bats here and be around the guys and get to know everyone."

And yes, the goal is to be a shortstop - not a third baseman. Bogaerts doesn't see himself being too big for the position.

"I mean, look at [Derek] Jeter," Bogaerts said. "Jeter was probably my favorite player coming up. Jeter, Hanley [Ramirez]. I saw [Jeter] personally and he was pretty much taller than me and I was wondering like, 'Why can't I do it if he's so much taller than me?' It's something that if you really want to you can work at it and try to become a shortstop."