The BobbyTerry ChroniclesMORE: RBs wont make or break Pats Season-saving win (Take 2)


The BobbyTerry ChroniclesMORE: RBs wont make or break Pats Season-saving win (Take 2)

By now, you've heard about the weekend dramanon-drama between Terry Francona and Bobby Valentine.

You know that Francona was seen yukking it up in the Sox clubhouse on Saturday afternoon, and then sent Bobby V. a text message saying that he was sorry. You also know that while both men admit that the texting took place, neither is willing to expand.

That's where I come in. Through some friends at the phone company, I've obtained the record from Sunday's text conversation between the last two Red Sox managers. Enjoy!

12:30 PM

TERRY FRANCONA: Hey, Val. Its Tito. Got ur number from Hersh.

12:31 PM

12:32 PM

12:33 PM
VALENTINE: Tito Fuentes!? How are you, old friend? Hey remember that diving catch I made in 72 against St. Louis? Was just thinking about it yesterday . . . I really was something.
12:34 PM
FRANCONA: Val, its Terry Francona.

2:30 PM

2:31 PM
FRANCONA: Listen, just want to say Im sorry about that whole clubhouse thing the other day. I was out of line.

3 PM

VALENTINE: No problem.

3:01 PMFRANCONA. Great! Thanks, Val. Good luck 2night.

3:45 PM
FRANCONA: Bobby, are you mad at me?

3:46 PM
VALENTINE: What? What do you mean? Why would I be mad?

3:47 PM
FRANCONA: Listen, I cant tell if youre actually pissed, but either way, Im sorry. I meant no disrespect. Was just walking through, and got caught up having a laugh with Pedey. But it wasnt my place.

5 PM
FRANCONA: Bobby, just let me know that were cool so I can stop feeling guilty.

5:20 PM

VALENTINE: How come Pedey never wants to have a laugh with ME?
5:21 PM
FRANCONA: I don't know what to tell you, Val. I'm just sorry. About everything. Good luck tonight.

6:30 PM
Valentine: Thx.

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Rask missing from Bruins practice after Sunday exit

Rask missing from Bruins practice after Sunday exit

BRIGHTON, Mass. -- A day after exiting a 5-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins with complications from migraines, Tuukka Rask was missing from a full Bruins team practice at Warrior Ice Arena prior to Tuesday night’s home date against the Detroit Red Wings.

Rask pulled himself out of the game midway through the second period with his team trailing after he’d stopped 20-of-22 shots, and was motioning toward his eyes as he exited for the Bruins dressing room. The Bruins goalie confirmed to reporters following the deflating loss that he indeed was suffering from ocular issues consistent with migraines, the same issue that knocked him out of a home loss to the Rangers a couple of years ago.

The Bruins brought in an emergency goalie to practice with the team on Monday along with backup netminder Zane McIntyre, who allowed three goals in the third period on the way to the Bruins imploding in Pittsburgh.

Both Colin Miller and Kevan Miller returned to practice on Monday morning, and the Bruins coaches shook up the forward lines after they were only able to cobble together one goal on 45 shots on Sunday afternoon. Torey Krug was also missing from practice along with Rask.

Here are the line combos and D-pairings based on Monday morning’s practice that started roughly an hour late due to the team doing some video work together:







K. Miller-C. Miller



Brady makes 'The Hangover' reference, calls QB group his wolf pack


Brady makes 'The Hangover' reference, calls QB group his wolf pack

Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett are starting to make a habit of this.

After clinching the AFC East title during the regular season, they made sure to grab a picture together that they could throw on their respective social-media pages. They did the same again on Sunday night. 

Sporting their brand new AFC Championship hats -- and Brissett, who didn't dress for the game, in a championship t-shirt -- the trio posed in front of their lockers like the three best friends that anyone could have.

When Brady posted the shot on his Instagram page Monday morning, he captioned it with a speech from the movie "The Hangover," calling Garoppolo and Brissett part of his "wolf pack."