The Bobby V Cha Cha


The Bobby V Cha Cha

I was looking for something upbeat to take everyone into the weekend, but there's not too much optimism surrounding the Boston sports right now.

In the last few days we've had the Sox lose a rough one on Opening Day, the Celtics blow a game so badly that Doc Rivers lost his mind and the Bruins get waxed by the rival Pens. Meanwhile, times are so tough for Wes Welker that he's started pushing adult diapers.

What's the world coming to?

You may ask yourself the same question after you're done with this video.

Unless you've seen it before, which I guess is a possibility, but with only 4K views on Youtube, I'd say this video still under the radar.

It's the 2007 music video for a song called "Diamond" by the Japanese pop group Deen.

It co-stars one of Boston's four pro sports coaches dancing the cha-cha in bright-blue, half-buttoned shirt. Also, it's not Bill Belichick.

Now that you've sat through that mess, take a second, gather your thoughts, and ask yourself one question: Can youuuu cha-cha?

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