Beckett: I'm fine; thumb problem was overblown

Beckett: I'm fine; thumb problem was overblown
April 4, 2012, 8:24 pm
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DETROIT -- Josh Beckett proclaimed himself ready to make his scheduled start Saturday and insisted that the thumb problems which sent to him two specialists this week were overblown by the media.
"It's something I've been dealing with for 18 months,'' said Beckett. "I think everything's good. There was some concern that it might have something to do with my ligament, like Andrew Bailey's deal, and it wasn't.
"I really have no idea how this got blown out like this. I was dumbfounded. The text messages and the e-mails I was getting from guys, I was thinking, "Jeez, what's going on?' ''
Beckett described the problem as a "bunch of a little bones and stuff in there that have some things going on.''
Beckett has peace of mind that the thumb is fine following the two consultations.
"I think things are a lot better now,'' said Beckett. "I had some issues the last few weeks of spring training and we've been getting through them and I just didn't think it was something we should just 'get through' for six months.
"I had a guy in San Antonio who I've had some luck with in the past with this injury and I went to see him to clarify some things and I went to Dr. Thomas Graham in Cleveland because that's what they wanted me to do.''
Beckett revealed that he had received two cortisone shots for the thumb -- one over the winter and another during spring training.
"It didn't respond as well to the most recent one,'' said Beckett. "I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some more damage in there.''
He acknowledged that it might be necessary to get additional injections over the course of the season.
"I think it's something we're definitely going to have to monitor, yeah,'' said Beckett, who also acknowledged that "maybe'' surgery could be an option in the offseason.
Asked about his objectives for going into the season, Beckett repeatedly fell back on one of his favorite phrases: "Gotta execute pitches, plain and simple.''
When Beckett was asked about his role as staff leader in the aftermath of his poor final month, the team's collapse and his role in the clubhouse scandal last season, he said: "I think the way you do that is you go out and execute pitches and get outs. People tend to flock to people who are successful.''