Beckett can't get away

Beckett can't get away
May 11, 2012, 9:38 pm
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What should the Sox do about Josh Beckett?

Should they trade him? Send him to the DL? Have him skip another start?

Decisions. Decisions. But if you ask me, the Sox aren't going to make one.

I think they'll probably stick their collective head in the sand, pretend none of this is going on, and carry on with business as usual. When Beckett's spot in the rotation is up, Beckett will take the mound. And you know what? That probably makes sense.

At the end of the day, the only thing that's going to make this better short of a trade is for Beckett to start winning. So you might as well throw him back out there and hope for the best.

I'll say this though: It would be a whole lot easier if that next start came on the road. Away from the booing and craziness. In a spot where Beckett has nothing to worry about but pitching, and can maybe find a little rhythm andor build up some good will with the fans before coming back to face music.

If the call is for him to make that next start, then a road game is clearly the ideal.

Only problem is that it's not the reality. The way it stands right now, Beckett's scheduled to make his next start on Tuesday (his 32nd birthday) AT Fenway, against Seattle, in the last game of this six-game home stand.

I can hear the boos already.

And the more that I think about, maybe Beckett could use an unscheduled 19th offday. After all, it's his birthday. And no one will be at the course on a Tuesday.

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