Is baseball a selfish sport?

Is baseball a selfish sport?
July 29, 2013, 1:00 am
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There are 25 players on the roster, nine players in the lineup and nine players in the field. But even so, it's not always about the team. Take it from a former player.

After David Ortiz's meltdown in Saturday's Red Sox win, Merloni said on "Sports Sunday" with Michael Felger that baseball is a selfish sport because of the way some people approach the game.

Felger said Ortiz came off as selfish based on the entire situation. The Red Sox were up 7-2 late in the game, and any kind of production would have been added insurance for the Red Sox.

"You're up 7-2, so they don't really need the at-bat," Felger said.

Merloni then replied, "Baseball's selfish. No one helps you in your at-bat. Nobody helps you in your ground ball."

Ortiz took his frustrations out on a phone in the dugout, and when he swung at the phone, shards of wood flew everywhere in the dugout, nearly injuring some players. Dustin Pedroia ducked in cover with a towel over him to avoid getting hit.

If anything happened to one of Ortiz's teammates, "it would've been a problem," Merloni said.