Bard becoming more comfortable on mound again

Bard becoming more comfortable on mound again
March 10, 2013, 6:45 pm
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PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- After taking a week on the side to work on his mechanics, Daniel Bard pitched a scoreless inning with a hit allowed and a strikeout recorded.
"He repeated the delivery mechanics that he's been working on," said John Farrell. "His fastball is more true and he's staying behind the ball more consistently. Another positive day for him."
The outing began with some difficulty, with Bard's first three pitches out of the strike zone. But he quickly made some adjustments.
"I felt my lower half was just rushing a little bit," said Bard. "I got loose out in the pen, then stood there for about 15 minutes, waiting for us to (make) an out. That happens. But I was able to make an adjustment and slow things down a bit."
"He feels like he's under control," Farrell said. "There's no wondering where the release point is. There's more of a feel for it, which allows him to make the necessary adjustments."
Bard said the work he's done on the side is starting to feel more natural.
"A lot of it was just one little tweak to get my hand more on top of the ball," said Bard. "I was kind of working around the ball and that was leading to some inconsistency with where it was going and how hard it's coming out. When you're behind the ball, you're getting more power, it's a little truer, it's easier to command. The last two outings, that stuff has felt good."