Bailey or Hanrahan - Who should close?

Bailey or Hanrahan - Who should close?
April 27, 2013, 11:45 pm
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Andrew Bailey has been dominant in the absence of Joel Hanrahan, but what happens when Hanrahan returns?

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

The Red Sox have a controversy on their hands. Or do they?

Joel Hanrahan is the team's closer, but he struggled before going on the DL.

In his stead, Andrew Bailey has been lights out.

Given that Bailey was supposed to be the closer last season and has shown himself to be dominant in that role this season,some believe he should keep the role when Hanrahan comes off the DL.

So, who should be the Red Sox closer?

"It should be Hanrahan and it will be Hanrahan," says Dan Shaughnessy. "He has not cost you that much yet you got to give him a few more opportunities to establish he's the closer that's why you brought him in."

What say you, Sean McAdam?

"[The Red Sox] made a trade for [Hanrahan] remember because they had some doubts about Bailey."

Bailey pitched well in the eighth inning before Hanrahan went on the DL and McAdam believes he'll slot back into the eighth inning and have success again.

But Lou Merloni offers the lone dissenting opinion, noting that John Farrell has indicated the decision may not be cut and dry.

When Stephen Drew started the season on the DL and many were calling for Jose Iglesias to be named the starter, Farrell quickly came out and said that Drew would be the starting shortstop when he returned. Now, with Hanrahan on the DL, Farrell hasn't issued the same type of definitive endorsement.

For more on the debate, check out the video above. To weigh in, share your thoughts below in the comment box. Who do you think should be the closer?