Bailey (biceps) to undergo MRI Monday

Bailey (biceps) to undergo MRI Monday
May 5, 2013, 2:30 pm
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ARLINGTON, Texas -- In addition to being examined by the team's medical staff, pitcher Andrew Bailey will undergo an MRI Monday to determine if there's anything to be concerned about his biceps soreness.
"It's as much to give him some peace of mind," said John Farrell, "with what he's dealing with because it's in the last 10 percent of intensity that he's going through. For our own information and his peace of mind, we've got to get that looked at thoroughly."
Farrell stressed that Bailey's injury isn't as serious as the one suffered by John Lackey last month.
"John's was in the belly of the muscle, down closer in the mid-range of the muscle," said Farrell. "This is a little bit higher up. Obviously, (Bailey) has some inflammation in there. To what extent, that's where the test is going to come in."
Bailey hasn't pitched since last Sunday, meaning he's been idle for seven days, or about halfway through a DL stint. If there's question about his availability in the next few days, the Sox may place Bailey on the DL, with the ability to back-date him and lose him for only eight more days. That would make him available for the start of the next road trip, which begins May 14 in Tampa Bay.
"Tomorrow, we'll probably have more information on that," said Farrell.