Bag Guy Chronicles


Bag Guy Chronicles

Remember Fenway Bag Guy?

Of course you do. You'd forget your own mother before you forgot the man who once heroically placed an enormous bag over his head and sat behind home plate for two innings of an early-season game against the Indians.

At the time, we all believed that his emergence was the sign of something special. Or more, that it just gave us an excuse to have fun at Fenway again. But in retrospect

It actually was the sign of something special.

The Sox are now 10-3 since Bag Guy arrived on the scene that's not counting the game at which he first appeared. Even more, they're a perfect 5-0 at Fenway.

It's funny, because when I originally wrote about the Bag Guy phenomenon, I feared the arrival of annoying imitators. Bands of dudes who would converge on Yawkey Way with bags on their heads, thinking they were as funny as the original, but who were really just making a bad situation worse. However, the more I think about it, the more I think it might be fun to see the bag parade pick up.

The first rule of being a Bag Guy would be that you still have to act like a normal fan. You have to root for the Sox, hate on the opposition. Essentially, act the same way you would at a typical game.

Only you have a bag on your head.

Why bother?

Because do you know who's hurt the most by that brown paper bag? (Besides your wifegirlfriend, who's mortified in the seat next to you). That's right: The owners. John, Tom and Larry. And at the end of the day, they're still the guys who need to be delivered a message.

We can yell and scream all we want about the mentality of the players and the craziness of the manager, but nothing's going to really change over there until Henry sells the team and Lucchino's shown the door. And there's no better way to let them know that we want them out, than with the aesthetic desecration of their beloved Fenway Park.

Sure, there's a chance they just ignore it and go about their miserable business, but worst case scenario: Everyone's having fun. Everyone's coming together to rally around a common cause idiot owners. And the best part of all? It's good luck. The Sox can't lose.

All because of Fenway Bag Guy.

The legend lives on.

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